Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello DU students and welcome to the University of Denver's very first Take Back the Tap blog! This is your personal source to read about the national Take Back the Tap campaign, its origins, and its progress on the DU campus. We want to be an important and useful resource to you, so please feel free to comment with questions or constructive criticism!
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Take Back the Tap is a national campaign to promote and protect public access to clean, safe and affordable water. The campaign is headed by national non-profit Food& Water Watch, whose vision is to promote equal access to affordable and healthy food and clean water. Here on the University of Denver campus, we are working to develop broad based support for a proposal that would reduce the sales and distribution of bottled water on campus.

INTERESTED?? To get started, watch the Story of Bottled Water and find out what you can do to reduce your bottled water use!

Already convinced? Click here and pledge to Take Back the Tap at the University of Denver!